Brake Failure

Truck Accident Causes: Brake Failure

Brake failure or malfunction as a cause of a truck accident will result in serious physical injuries and worse untimely death. Oftentimes, it leads to damage of property, loss of income and diminished earning capacity.

Over the years, many of the brake failure cases in the United States of America have been reported to have significantly increased to a great extent. The National Highway Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation has been promoting programs to save lives, prevent injuries and reduce vehicle- related accidents, particularly due to brake failure as the cause of the accident.

An accident caused by the defect of the brake raises the presumption that the truck driver is actionably negligent in observing and checking the condition of the brakes of his truck. Also, it is due to his failure to make it in good condition after selection. Likewise, he has the burden of proof that he has employed all the diligence of a good father of a family to avoid the damages.

In order for you to win your personal injury claim caused by the brake failure as a reason for the truck accident, get advice or representation from the experts.