How to Share the Road with Trucks and Trailers

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One of the most harrowing experiences for any car driver is sharing the road with truckers—often, driving near or in the presence of trucks and trailers leads one to question the truck driver’s road skills. What everybody forgets though is that sharing the road with trucks and trailers is not just the responsibility of the truck and trailer drivers; sometimes, it is the ignorance of the other drivers that cause such distasteful experience.

Be noticed:

The rule of the thumb when sharing the road filled with trucks and trailers is to get away from their blind spots. Truckers cannot see a huge portion of the rear part of their truck and a large portion at their right side, so avoid these spots. Remember, if you cannot see the truck and trailer’s driver and mirrors, they cannot see you, too!

Be patient

When the truck is taking its sweet time maneuvering a parking spot, or if it takes time to come to full stop, it is not because its driver is lazy or the truck itself is lousy, it is because trucks and trailers are really not just fast enough as some other vehicles. Be patient, and try not to undercut to get ahead.

Be generous

When a truck or trailer passes you, its driver is not so aware if he is in the clear enough to merge back to your lane. Be generous and flash him a signal in order to give him the visual cue that his truck is no longer in danger of hitting your car. The truck driver will appreciate your gesture for sure, and you will be blessed with bountiful road karma for sure!

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