Bluffton Women Killed in Bibb County Accident

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The start of 2014 ended in a tragedy for the family of Laurie Bowers, a 37 year old woman who perished in a two-car accident on Interstate 16 in Bibb County, Georgia. Intestate 16 is a long stretch of road that runs from Macon to Savannah in the eastern part of Georgia. Investigations are still ongoing, but initial reports say that Bowers died after having been trapped in her Honda car after having crashed into a Jeep Wrangler. The driver and passenger of the jeep, both 19 year old men, survived the crash, but what piqued the interest of investigators is the fact that Bowers’ car and the Jeep were both heading in the same direction.

The authorities are investigating if any of the parties’ driving were impaired or distracted, but pending the release of official results of investigations, everybody is left with no choice but to wait and to wish that accidents such as this, would never happen again. Now that full-blown investigations are underway, it is crucial that both parties get the assistance of capable lawyers who are able to competently and diligently get hold of evidence crucial to advancing their respective cases. Personal injury lawyers play a big role in ensuring that the parties rights are protected, and their interests upheld in every stage of the investigation.

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