“How’s my Driving?” What Happens when you Cal

If you take a call while driving, you become a distracted driver and a distracted driver is in danger of forgetting how to drive responsibly. Your driving instinct, meaning, your ability to react, are impeded and delayed, and you run dangerously close to being in an accident.

Hands-free calls

One of the most hotly contested issues when it comes to taking or making calls during driving is when the calls are taken using a hands-free device. However, there is a growing number of people arguing that it is the act of talking itself that is distracting, so the issue lies not on the manner with which you take a call. Still, lots of people argue that taking (or making) a call using a handheld device is different than doing it hands-free. The fact that there are still debates about the topic tells us of the huge resistance that people have on the rule of not talking on the phone while driving. Of course everybody knows that it is bad, but the irresistible urge to answer our phone never seems to go away.

The most dangerous passenger

Truly, your phone is a dangerous passenger. Even I would not deny that when my phone beeps, or otherwise flashes those blinking lights, I panic a little bit. My mind tells me to check it just in case there is an emergency. Of course, almost always, it is not an emergency, and most of the time, it is something that can definitely wait, but I entertain it anyway. Therefore, to curb incidences of calling while driving, personal conviction and discipline is required.

A reality check

According to the National Safety Council, 723,000 car crashes happened in 2013 because of mobile phone use. Though this is a mere quarter of the total number of car crashes, it is still a huge figure, and I certainly do not want to be added to this statistic. True, there is much that needs to be done in this arena, for not a lot of people have the conviction and will of steel to never touch his or her cellphone while driving, but each one of us, myself included, has to at least try harder.

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